Living in Edmond, OK

Two Structures brings energy efficient homes to Edmond

If you are looking to buy a new home in Edmond, you should start by visiting one of our Edmond neighborhoods such as Chisholm Creek Farms.

For decades, Edmond has been one of the most popular places in the OKC metro – and one of the safest. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting numbers released in 2011, ranked Edmond as the 11th safest city in the United States for cities about 75,000 in population. In the past ten years, while Edmond’s population has increased 20%, Edmond’s overall crime rate has dropped 4.5%.

Edmond boasts a great community, excellent schools, amazing golfing and other recreational opportunities, a nostalgic downtown and bustling retail district.

Edmond’s parks are among the nicest in the metro for families to play and get active. You can take a walk on a trail, enjoy a live concert under the trees, or watch a live musical performance under the stars at the Mitch Park amphitheater. You can also escape the summer heat and watch a family-friendly movie from your float in Pelican Bay Aquatic Center. Of course, Edmond is also host to some of the most exciting PGA, USGA and other golfing events.

All of this could just be minutes away from your new energy-efficient home built by Two Structures. For more information about living in an Edmond Two Structures home, browse our available homes in the Chisolm Creek Farms neighborhood.

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