Guaranteed Commission Program

 “When you bring your customer/client to Two Structures Homes, we realize that you are loaning us your reputation.  All of us at Two Structures Homes take that responsibility very seriously.”


We are eager to assist you in helping your buyers purchase a new home and to compensate you for your work. It is our desire to be fair to both any outside Realtors as well as our own Two Structures Homes’ Representation in regards to compensation. When you have a customer/client that is interested in buying/building a brand new Two Structures Home, your commission will be guaranteed in accordance with the following registration policy: Please assist us in reminding your office, colleagues and buyers of this policy.


  1. You accompany your customer/client on their first visit to one of our model homes, introduce them to a Two Structures Homes representative and fully complete the Client Registration/Broker Protection form.


  1. In the event that you cannot accompany your client on their first visit to one of our model homes, you complete the “Client Sign Up” form on our website at (located under the “About Us” tab). A Two Structures Homes’ representative will register your client for you with the assistance of your client, in accordance with the terms of the “Pre-Registration Introduction” agreement.


  1. Your client completes a Purchase/Construction Agreement and all related and required attachments on the forms provided and approved by Two Structures Homes, and the sale is closed and funded.



In the event that a customer/client comes into a Two Structures Homes’ model home without the REALTOR® or Broker in attendance as set forth in Paragraph 1 above, or the REALTOR® or Broker did not complete the online Client Registration/Broker Protection form as set forth in Paragraph 2 above and mentions that they are working with a REALTOR® or Broker, it shall be the sole responsibility of that REALTOR® or Broker to complete the “Client Registration/Broker Protection” form at no later than 5:00 p.m. of the next business day after the customer/client has visited the Two Structures Homes model home. In the event that the REALTOR®/Broker does not complete the Client Registration form within the time set forth herein, they shall not be considered the procuring cause of sale nor shall they be eligible for a professional service fee in accordance with the Guaranteed Commission Program.

It’s easy to earn large commissions and incentives!!! 1% * of the contract price is paid within 10 days providing your client places a non-refundable deposit and receives a pre-qualification letter from our preferred lender. The remaining 2% * will be paid once the sale is closed and funded.

Bring in and register your client and we’ll assist you in the process. Since all Two Structures Homes’ representatives are dedicated solely to presenting Two Structures Homes and do not get involved in resales or other real estate transactions, they focus their entire time and expertise on being fully informed of all aspects of building a new Two Structures Home.

Their chief goal is to be there seven days a week, from noon-6 and to assist you and your client. Their principal desire is to make the process smooth, pleasant and rewarding for all participants. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, and so that we can guarantee commissions to REALTORS® or Brokers who are the procuring cause of sale, simply fulfill the requirements set forth above.

All of us at Two Structures Homes look forward to establishing a long-term, mutually rewarding professional relationship with you.

*Stipulation Applies