The Path To Your Dream Home

The path to your dream home at Two Structures is outlined in the infographic below. It’s simple and straightforward like we like it. Once you’ve found out how to sell your house fast, take a look at as it shows you the steps that one takes from shopping for a Two Structures home to making memories in it. At Two Structures Homes, we’re making it easy for you to understand what happens from start to finish in the home buying process.

Purchase Agreement (Days 1-14)

It begins with a visit to a Two Structures home. There you will meet with a member of our team to ask any questions you might have, get a feel for the neighborhood, and begin to discover what it will take to purchase your dream home. We’ll review where we build, why we build it, how we build it and what exactly we will build that makes each of our homes incredibly energy-efficient and green.

Step two begins with a pre-qualification application. Once completed, you’ll be able to pick out your lot in the neighborhood of your choice and choose your floor plan. We’ll sign the purchase agreement and contract to begin construction after just a few more steps on your end. After securing financing with your preferred lender, you’ll pick and finalize your selections to customize your home to your liking. With a Two Structures home, you’re able to customize items with $0.00 for no charge and the other items for an additional charge. If you want a fully customized home with every detail chosen by you, we can customize every feature you desire. After this, the fun finally begins. You’ll see progress every day and you’ll be able to watch your dream home being built from the ground up.

Construction Phase (Days 15 – 120)

Here is where your home gets built. It’s pretty straight forward, but the materials and techniques we use are what make us different and what makes our homes energy-efficient with an average HERS Index of 61. The slab naturally comes first. Next: framing, windows, mechanicals, brick. With the structure built, we move to the inside and begin with insulation, drywall, cabinets, tile and paint. Finally, the inside is completed with carpet, fixtures, light, etc. We try our best to adhere to our timeline, but as everyone knows, Mother Nature is unpredictable. There may be slight schedule delays due to weather and subcontractor material delays, but we keep the deadlines as tight as can be in order to get you moved in on schedule.

Pre-Closing and Closing (Days 121-135)

During the pre-closing and closing phase, we will take two weeks to walk you through what you’re getting out of a Two Structures home. There will be a homeowner’s orientation, which includes a walk through the home to verify that the home is ready for delivery. We show you, the customer, how to use the home and answer any questions that may arise after the keys are handed over. This is also where the builder’s 1, 2 and 10 year warranty is discussed. A 1 year builder warranty includes everything except normal homeowner maintenance. The 2 year builder warranty is anything inside the walls, typically mechanical, and the 10 year warranty is an insurance product to protect the structural components of the home. The orientation is extensive and is an important step that makes sure your homeownership of a Two Structures home begins on the right foot.

After all is said and done with the three phases, memories begin as your prepare for your new life in a Two Structures Home.

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