Customer Spotlights

Sierra and Ella

Customer SPOTLIGHT!  Meet Sierra and her daughter Ella! We got the chance to take photos of her furnished Paisley floor plan and ask her a few questions about her Two Structures Home.

What is the favorite part of our home?
My favorite part of my home is how the windows create the best natural light throughout the entire house, making the dreamiest and most whimsical mood throughout the house. We never have to have lights on and frankly would never know when the power goes out because we don’t even need them in most areas. 

Is there anything you would change to your TS Home?
My only wish is that the master bathroom was larger and not the same square footage as the other bathroom in the home to provide more room and set it apart from the bathroom across the house, but the accents we added to the master to make it different made a super unique and cool vibe. 

What was the hardest decision you had to make when designing your home?
Doing it alone as a single parent and as a first time homebuyer, it was a lot to handle with choosing accents and paint colors, etc, but truly there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t handle. It brings out the designer in you even if you didn’t think you had it in you, which makes for a special experience and something you’ll take a lot of pride in when the home is done. 

Are there any upgrades you wished you would have done?
I wish I would have expanded the master bathroom square footage, but it only helped me recognize what I want in my next Two Structure home.

What was your favorite part of the process?
My favorite part of the home building process was watching the home come to life week by week. It’s a special experience to watch it take shape, watch the crew put their hard work in to every step, and watch everything wrap up and become yours. 

Which floor plan of ours will you build for your next home?
The Cedar Ridge floor plan is beautiful and definitely the floor plan I would choose for my next TSH home. The cathedral vibe of the home and large square footage is exactly what my growing family will adore and cherish.

Thank you Sierra and Ella for letting us take a peek into your beautiful home!!