Customer Spotlights

Jay and Amanda's Oasis

Why did you choose the Aspen floor plan?
It started out as a Louie Floorplan but because of all the changes I made, it became a whole new plan! We loved the open layout of the Louie but wanted to make some modifications to better suit our lifestyle. We named it the Aspen after our Beagle. The reason we love Two Structures so much is because of the flexibility with design. My house is the best example of that!

 What is your favorite upgrade you chose?
Our vaulted living and patio! We love the natural light and how it makes the space so inviting. We also added some windows around the home that we love! We also love the modifications we made to the kitchen and pantry. We cook most meals at home and have friends over a lot – the Aspen is perfect for entertaining!

 What would you do differently now that you are living in the home?
I would have chosen a lighter and less warm stain and extended the garages just a little bit. Notes for the next build!

What was the hardest part of building your home?
Waiting! As somebody who works for the company and building a home, the process feels a lot longer when you are on the buyer’s side! We were so excited to see progress every week!

 What was your favorite part of the build?
Being able to work for AND build with Two Structures was a dream. All of it was truly a blast and I loved being able to work with my team on my own home. It changed my perspective and I believe made me a stronger Community Manager for Two Structures. 

 Do you have any advice for people building?
Stick to your gut on selections and upgrades! Make a list of what is most important to you. Also, trust the process! There may be hiccups or delays but those are bound to happen in construction and they will be taken care of.  Make a Pinterest board and have ideas of what you want your home’s aesthetic to look like. 

Which plan will you build next?
The Magnolia, Natalie, or Cypress plans are gorgeous. I love two story homes and I could see the benefit of having a bonus room! We would love to build in downtown OKC eventually.