Customer Spotlights

The Moeder's Dream Home - Normandy Bonus

What is the favorite part of our home? We love our living room and kitchen space! We love how large is it with also still having plenty of space our bedrooms.

Is there anything you would change to your TS Home? I think we had talked about adding a few extra square feet in our bonus space or adding just one extra square feet to each side of the house but honestly we think it’s perfect the way it is.

What was the hardest decision you had to make when designing your home? Honestly I think designing the house was easy, what was scary was seeing how it came together and hoping it turned out as great as it did in our heads. The hardest decision for us was knowing once we agreed on finals we could only change things at a charge which was worrisome but luckily very few of those happened to us.

Are there any upgrades you wished you would have done? I honestly don’t think we would have made an upgrades to the house that we couldn’t do ourselves. We focused on things we wouldn’t be able to do or would require us to hire someone so any future upgrades we make is easily doable without hiring someone.

What was your favorite part of the process? The final part of actually living in the house and getting to decorate it. Building a house is stressful but the outcome is very rewarding.

Which floor plan of ours will you build for your next home? We would more than likely build the Cedar Ridge Floor plan with some adjustments to the floor plan making the house about 500 sq ft bigger than what the website says because we would make it more custom to our needs at that time!