Customer Spotlights

The Ramos Family Home

What is the favorite part of our home?
We love our bathroom! It's bigger than I realized, the tile is so much fun and we love our bath and shower! I love that I can get completely ready in there every morning; it's nice having our closet in there.
A close second would be our double doors on the front of the house. People compliment that the most.

Is there anything you would change to your TS Home?
We would make the kids' rooms slightly bigger. Or put a fan in our office.

What was the hardest decision you had to make when designing your home?
Probably determining what the outside would look like. I thought I had to choose from options that had already been done, but it was a lot more open. I found a photo I liked on Pinterest and played with it in Photoshop to convey my vision.

Are there any upgrades you wished you would have done?
We did everything we wanted. But I would maybe add a dormer with window to our roof above the front doors.

What was your favorite part of the process?
I have a design background, so I just loved making design decisions. Being able to move walls, add little features (like our cat hidey-hole), and choose all of the paint colors, fixtures and flooring was a lot of fun.

Which floor plan of ours will you build for your next home?
love the Ponderosa Bonus