The Best of Yukon, Oklahoma


Yukon, Oklahoma is a family-oriented community of 24,000 residents that carries with its name, safe neighborhoods, low crime-rate, excellent schools and strong values. No longer just a Mother Road pit-stop that once was home to Garth Brooks and a pretty tall flour mill, Yukon is a thriving city with some of the best shopping, dining and entertainment in the metro area while still maintaining the small, home-town nature we’ve all come to know and love. The city of Yukon is also home to four of our Two Structures Homes neighborhoods including Calm Springs, Morgan Crossing, South Fork and our Valdera community.

Calm Springs (Floor plans available: Landon, Calm Springs, Bradley)

Morgan Crossing  (Floor plans available: Landon, Calm Springs, Bradley)

South Fork (Floor plans available: Sonoma, Piedmont, McKenzie, Landon, Bradley)

Valdera (Floor plans available: Piedmont, Cedar Ridge)

We love all of the options available to home owners in the Yukon area. We mentioned the great public schools close by that you and your children will love and take pride in, but other conveniences of the city of Yukon make purchasing a Two Structures Homes in one of these four editions that much sweeter… sometimes literally.

Yukon Eats

ButterSweet Cakes

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It’s not always allowed, but we’re starting with dessert for our favorite Yukon Eats at ButterSweet Cakes. If you have a birthday to plan, a bride or groom to say “I do”to, or are just in the mood to satisfy the sweet tooth, visit ButterSweet Cakes at 817 S. Mustang Road in Yukon. Here you’ll be overwhelmed and completely lost when it comes time to make your cupcake choice, which is an absolutely great problem to have. Each morning, the delicious cakes are baked fresh, in-house with their own recipes, high quality ingredients and most importantly, love. With two locations, one in Yukon and the other in Edmond, you are always within reach of one of our favorite cupcake spots. However, if you’re looking for a custom cake for a party or wedding, the Yukon location is your best bet. They specialize in creating unique and delicious custom cakes for any special occasion.

Hideaway Pizza

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An Oklahoma-grown pizza company, Hideaway was first founded in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 1957 before expanding into other Oklahoma communities, Yukon being one of them. At Hideaway, things are done different. It’s a place that interprets pizza their own way. Each year, the company holds a pizza competition where new and creative pizzas are invented. The Big Country, inspired by the one and only Big Country Bryant Reeves, includes ALL the meats. The Cimarron is topped with alfredo sauce, meatballs, sausage, Canadian bacon and smoked bacon and jalapenos. If these two don’t get your mouth watering, try the Capone complete with red sauce, mozzarella, Italian sausage, pepperoni, Genoa salami, smoked bacon, red onions, black olives and roasted garlic and parmesan-herb shake. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Meet us at Hideaway!

Green Chili Kitchen

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Green Chile Kitchen Route 66 was opened in 2012 by the Peters and Logan families and is the sister kitchen of similar name in San Francisco, CA. Green Chili Kitchen serves New Mexican inspired food focusing on the distinctive flavors and traditions of the unique region. In fact, unique to the New Mexico Region, the green chile, which is picked earlier than the red chile is considered a super food, containing more vitamin C than citrus fruit. The Bueno chile, the first New Mexico Certified Chile, is used in all of their dishes. That means that every chili found at the Green Chili Kitchen is 100% grown in New Mexico as certified by the New Mexico Chile Association. Get a little taste of the southwest in the Czech Capitol of Oklahoma.


Yukon Attractions

Express Ranches

Bob Funk, owner of Express Ranches and CEO and Chairman of Express Employment Professionals, fell in love with the Clydesdale breed while visiting Regina, Saskatchewan. A long-time staple on Super Bowl Sunday, the Clydesdales are big, powerful, refined draft horses and in Yukon, Oklahoma, you’re able meet and greet these large horses nearly every day of the week. At the world famous Express Clydesdale Ranch on the 3,500 acre ranch, these creatures go through an intense two to three year training regimen to be one of 22 selected to hit the road to help raise millions for charities. Open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sundays from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., you’re able to get up close and personal with these majestic horses chomping at the bit.

Czech Festival

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Kolaches everywhere! If you haven’t had this delicious Czech stuffed pastry, then the Czech Festival held every October on Main Street is where you need to be. Thousands of people turn out for the annual celebration of Czech history whose goal is to preserve and share the old Czech customs while providing ample amounts of traditional foods that are dear to the people of Czech decent.  Traditional dress can be seen up and down the street, traditional song and dance and of course, traditional food. In 2015, the Czech Festival celebrated their 50th Anniversary. The half-century party was great, but as the festival grows more and more each year. Look for 2016 to be just as great with kolache filled enjoyment.

If you can’t wait until October to get your Czech on, visit the Czech Hall, a non-profit organization sponsored by Sokol Lodge Karel Havlicek and WFLA Lodge #670 every Saturday just south of I-40 on Czech Hall Rd. You’ll be entertained for hours. Don’t know how to dance? Do not worry. The Czech Hall has instructional dances as well as folks to teach you how to polka. $5 admission and free for children under 13.


Yukon, Oklahoma offers constant entertainment to anyone in the area with the conveniences of a big city, but with a small town feel. Between the restaurants and attractions, you’ll fall in love with Yukon almost instantly. You’ll get to know your neighbors and enjoy their company. You’ll see your friends out and about around town always offering a friendly smile and wave. It’s not just the Oklahoma way, but the Yukon, Oklahoma way. For more information of the Two Structures Homes available in the Yukon community, visit the neighborhood specific pages at