Warranty Request

If you closed on your home after August 1st 2017 please request warranty HERE.

If you closed on your home before August 1st 2017 please fill out the request below and submit. You should receive a confirmation email immediately. If you don’t receive this email please  print a copy of the warranty request document and send to warranty@twostructureshomes.com or fax to (405) 285-4426.


Please note that while we work hard to ensure great customer service, we at Two Structures Homes only work during normal business hours. These hours are Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM, US holidays are exempt. We will attend to your request during normal business hours, if your service is qualified as an EMERGENCY as defined below, please contact the numbers found below for immediate help.

     – Not working at all
     – Excessive leak, one that is a slow drip is not considered excessive.
     – A drain back up
     -Gas leak
     – Not working at all, this does not include individual switches or outlets this is for the entire house
     – A hot wire is exposed
     – The entire system is not working, this does not include individual rooms or zones.
If your EMERGENCY is one of the issues listed above please call the listed numbers below for help:
   – Taylormade Plumbing – (405) 641-0958
   – Karber Electric Inc. – (405) 745-8050
   – Hadley Heating and Air – (405) 799-4421
If a warranty request is made that is not considered an EMERGENCY you as the homeowner will be charged for the service.