Green Homes

Better materials build better homes
We know that better materials build better homes. Two Structures Homes builds environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient homes because it makes a difference to our homeowners. There are many Certified Green professionals in the Oklahoma City market but few builders have active projects and several have never built a green home. Our average new home boasts more green features than most – which is the Two Structures Homes standard for new construction.
Building a Sustainable Home
Green building is about building durable structures and sustainable homes. Along with our energy efficient features, we know our eco-friendly homes will outlast and out-perform homes built to lesser standards. Take a look at our standard features to learn more about the details of our green building protocols.
An Environmentally Friendly Difference
Sustainable green building expands on the basic concept of reduce, reuse, recycle. For our homeowners, the benefits of green living go beyond environmental stewardship. Sustainable homes offer many practical, personal and economic advantages. The money saved on utility bills lowers your total cost of home ownership.
The Benefits of an Eco-friendly Home
Green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact on human health and the natural environment. Here are just a few additional benefits:
  • Environmental benefits: Green homes enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystems, improve air and water quality, reduce waste streams and conserve and restore natural resources. That’s something to feel good about.
  • Your family’s health: Green homes greatly reduce the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning, toxic indoor air, mold-borne illness and even allergies. We minimize the use of harmful chemicals and use local materials whenever possible
  • HERS Index: The investment you put towards choosing energy-saving construction and products will be returned shortly through smaller bills.
  • Financial Sustainability:  High performance structures are more affordable to sustain because energy bills are small and have less month-to-month fluctuation.  Less energy use means less vulnerability to rising energy costs.
  • Vibrant Oklahoma Neighborhoods:  Building exceptional homes is a benefit to the entire Oklahoma City community by keeping property values high and by supporting a healthy, sustainable community.
Call us today and set up an appointment to tour one of our Oklahoma City green homes, or to discuss your vision for your new home.