in case someone wants to know what utility bills can look like for Two Structures homes (we  are very conservative in our usage)  here are our bills for our home in Yukon  (Valdera addition) for the past 16 months- I don’t think you can beat this house for energy efficiency!  I think we are about 3,000 sq ft


oge ong
jan 50.41
feb 85.14 103.83
mar 87.07 75.58
apr 79.95 63.75
may 68.17 51.08
jun 79.71 50.76
jul 115.94 49.56
aug 227.68 48.37
sep 231.2 48.59
oct 203.57 50.41
nov 133.9 49.91
dec 85.03 61.58
avg 127.00 58.65
jan 89.93 80.92
feb 105.48 115.19
mar 92.61 115.19
apr 85.05 96.56



We love our new home and appreciate the design and quality work Two Structures puts in place!

By: Dave & Melanie

We couldn’t love our home any more! The quality that Two Structures provides can’t be beat!

By: Ricky & Chelsea

After a lot of research and looking at homes we knew that building a new Two Structures Home was the perfect fit for us. We appreciated the owner Jay Evans’ many certifications, the energy efficiency practices and the standard  features in his homes. Now that we have lived in our home for nearly a year we haven’t doubted Two Structures once. While we haven’t had any warranty claims, we are certain that the Two Structures team will be there to walk us through any issues we may come across just as they did during the construction process. We recommend Two Structures Homes to anyone! Thank you for building our home!!

By: Dan

I have been in my home for 6 months now and still love it. Absolutely no issues. The building process was fast and straight forward. I have not had to file a warranty claim yet but I imagine it would be just as straight forward. I love the calm springs neighborhood everyone seems friendly and it’s nice and quiet. Would recommend two structures to anyone!

By: Jordan

Leona and I want to thank You and Your Team for Repairing all the Siding  problems at Our New Home. A special thanks to You and Brandon.The Home looks like new!!!!
By: Robert

I was most satisfied with the pure quality of what Two Structures put into the home and the standard features that they put into the home, especially regarding energy efficient features. Overall, the staff that we worked with were extremely intelligent and educated on what they were presenting in terms of their product, home, and the features that were included. Some of the features that caught our attention that we didn’t know a lot about were the green features in terms of insulation, energy efficiency, and a positive energy home. Adding those features to our home made a huge impact on our bill.

By: Carter

Two Structures LLC did a great job. We are very pleased.

By: Jennifer

I adore Kaitlin Smith, their office manager, and I appreciate their high quality.

By: Lori

My Wife and I are very excited with Our Two Structures Home. There have been a few things that need to be addressed and Kaitlin, Betty and Amy are on top of those issues. My only concern is that as Our Home was a model the Carpet in some areas is not holding up. This was most caused by the Model Home traffic. I trust that this issue will be resolved. I must say that Two Structures builds a Quality Green Home and We look forward to many Years of enjoyment in Our New Home. Based on our experience, we would Highly Recommend Two Structures to any New potential New home Buyers

By: Robert

The quick response to issues on the punch list made us at ease with knowing that they will take care of things prompt and with ease around your schedule.

By: Jason

Two Structures staff is comprised of some of the best people in the industry. From first contact, during the build/buy process and even after you close they are with you every step of the way. Everyone at Two Structures promptly responds to any type of communication. For me this goes along way and what I was most grateful for throughout my home purchase experience providing significant peace of mind. Two Structures checked every box, dotted every ‘i’ and crossed every ‘t’. I was most satisfied with the staffs ability to communicate effectively and with the exceptional quality of the home that they built. I can’t imagine all of the moving pieces that go into building a home. Two Structures was a friend every step of the way and helped provide me and my family a truly exceptional home.

By: Thomas

Just wanted to let you know that Jeorge did a fantastic job. He really knows how to do everything and he does everything well. We are thrilled with our new home. We hope building in Rose Creek wasn’t too big of a hassle. You and your team build a great house.

Thanks again.

By: Sharon

Thank you for all your help and considerations. You have been great to work with as well. You and your direct staff all have been great to us!! We really do appreciate all your hard work in making this not just a house but a home for us and our future family…

By: Dallas

After a year we are still very satisfied with our house overall in almost every case the workmanship and attention to detail meet or exceed our expectations. I have and will still continue to recommend Two Structures to my friends and acquaintances.

By: Ron

Just wanted to let you know how exceptional the processes has been with Two Structures. Being a younger single male building a house by myself, many builders would have ignored me. You all, especially Clay, have gone out of your way to make that happen and I greatly appreciate it. As many of my friends are starting to buy houses, I will without a doubt be recommending Two Structures.

By: Ben

Woooohoooo!! As a parent of a child with special medial needs who attends Camp Cavett, I cannot thank Two Structures enough! An excellent builder who not only builds beautiful, strong and safe homes, but has a heart of gold as well!! Thank you!!!

By: Jill

We are loving this home – it is really everything we dreamt it would be.

By: Andrea

I want to thank you for all that you and your team have done so far, you guys are very professional and fun to work with. Thanks for everything and I look forward to seeing the completed home and closing next week. Can’t wait!

By: Jerrod